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Dr. Kevin Gibbs

Dr Kevin Gibbs

Dr. Gibbs was born in Monahans, Texas and grew up in west Texas and southern Oklahoma. He received a B.S. in Physiology at Oklahoma State University in 1983. Dr. Gibbs attended OSU College of Veterinary Medicine and received his DVM in 1987.

When he was in grade school, his parents took him to a barber who shared a small building with a veterinarian. In second grade he knew he wanted to be an animal doctor, although he didn’t know they were called veterinarians.

After graduation, Dr. Gibbs worked in mixed animal practice for twenty months. During that time he studied for his Texas Medical Exam. After he received his Texas license in 1988, he moved to Dallas and began working in Small Animal Emergency Medicine. In 2001, Dr. Gibbs transitioned away from emergency medicine and focused on general practice. His practice areas of interest are small animal internal medicine, soft tissue surgery and dentistry.

Since 2003 Dr. Gibbs has volunteered his time and resources towards Whispers of Hope Horse Farm, a non-profit therapeutic horseback riding facility for physically and mentally challenged youth located in Wichita Falls. Dr. Gibbs has also donated time and support every month for a Dallas feline rescue group since 2006.

Dr. Gibbs is a member of the Dallas County Veterinary Medical Association, the Texas VMA, and the American VMA. He has been a TVMA committee member since 2008 and was a TVMA committee chair from 2012-2016.

Dr. Gibbs understands an affinity for animals is vital to being a veterinarian, but he will say he enjoys the relationships with the owners as much as the patients. Dr. Gibbs enjoys traveling. He and his husband, John, spend time in Arizona and Cape Cod with family and friends every year. He enjoys photography and painting. In 2014 he began learning to work with glass under the instruction of a private teacher. He mostly enjoys making art glass paperweights. He says his goal is to make 1,000 before he turns his focus towards another shape.