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Louise Southworth

Business Manager
Louise Southworth

Louise has been with our Clinic since 1998. Prior to that she served as the Firm Administrator for a large local CPA firm for more than 20 years. She majored in Business Management at UT Arlington.

Over the years, Louise has owned Salukis, Greyhounds and Afghan Hounds. She has competed with her hounds in Obedience and Performance events (lure coursing and amateur straight and oval racing) as well as the conformation ring. She has put titles from the show ring, obedience ring and performance event venues on several hounds as well as receiving national recognition for their abilities. Currently she has two juvenile Salukis (boy and girl) who will be going into competition soon.

Louise is very supportive of the efforts of breed rescue groups and has been involved with Saluki Rescue as well as helping with Greyhound and Afghan Hound Rescue.