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Sick Patient Drop Off Form

We have arranged for you to leave your pet here, to allow examination of your pet as soon as possible today. Please read through the following questions, and answer any that may apply to your pet today.

Patient Info

I am the owner/agent for decribed snimal, and authorize, and request an exam for my peL I understand I will be contacted after Fuzzy has been examined to discuss recommended diagnostics and treatment.

If I cannot be reached at this number, I authorize inital diagnostics, including radiographs, and blood work if indicated for my pet. Further, if I cannot be reached, I authorize initial treatment, including fluid support and other supportive medications be started as indicated for my pet.

I authorize anesthesia, surgery and medications if need for abscess, laceration or other wounds, if my pet is presented for any of these problems. I understand and accept that when anesthesia is involved, there is always inherent risks, including death.

I  understand  payment  is due when  my pet is discharged and I accept financial responsibility for charges incurred for this pet.