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Boarding and Pet Sitting

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There is nothing more luxurious than a relaxing vacation away from home. If you’re a pet owner, however, it can be hard to relax while worrying whether the neighbor kid gave Oscar his meds or made sure Coco got enough exercise.

We offer pet boarding so you never have these worries. You can kick back knowing that your beloved pets are properly cared for in a friendly, fun, secure and nurturing environment. Our climate controlled facilities remain clean and orderly at all times.

Our practice provides comfortable bedding or bring along your pet’s own washable bedding from home. Maybe Coco has a favorite toy that would make her feel more at home. Our kennels have plenty of room for your pet to move around and make themselves comfortable. We even have adjoining rooms for pets in the same family. Each pet gets plenty of physical exercise, fresh air and sunlight.

We provide top notch nutrition, or you can bring food from home so that there is no change in your pet’s diet while away from home. We know that sometimes change is stressful and your pet may not want to eat, it might be a good idea to bring along some treats or something to make their food seem more desirable.

In addition, we are well equipped to handle any ongoing medical needs your pet may have. We regularly administer oral medications, breathing treatments, IV or injectable medications or fluids. We also address individual feeding needs. We monitor your pet the entire time they board with us. Should they become sick or injured we would attend to them immediately as well as communicate with you about the issue.

If you have never boarded your pet before, we invite you to come down and tour our facility. We want to make sure that we are the right match for you and your pet. We want you to feel comfortable with the level of care and attention we provide and we want your pet to feel comfortable during their sleepover party. We require proof of current vaccinations for all pets boarding with us.

Be sure to book as far in advance as possible, especially during holidays.


We have a new reservation policy that requires a deposit of the full length of the stay to secure your reservation.


  • If you must cancel, we require notification of 2 business days prior to your reservation date for you to receive a full refund of your deposit.
  • If 24 hour notice is given, half of your deposit will be refunded.

We are sorry for this inconvenience, however, we have to do something to cut down on the number of people not showing up for their reservation.

The kennel is separate from our main clinic. One of the benefits of this arrangement is that it cuts down on traffic in both facilities. That, in turn, cuts down on the overall stress level for the animals.

  • Large picture windows supply plenty of light.
  • Glass block runs keep the area well-illuminated.
  • Sound-reducing materials in the ceiling cut down on noise. 
  • Many runs can be expanded to double your pet’s space.
  • Large runs to keep multiple pets from one household together.
  • Separate area for cats with their own view to the outside.
  • Flexible arrangement.
  • Comfortable condos with luxury bedding.
  • Automatic fire sprinkler system for safety.
  • Strong, safe construction.
  • Easy to keep clean, sanitized.
  • Veterinarians are close at hand should problems arise with your pet.
  • Kennel staff is trained to observe pets’ health and overall condition.
  • Large grooming area.
  • Gentle, safe, comfortable drying box
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